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Friday, July 15, 2011

Blackleaf Canyon
Volcano Reef

Blackleaf Canyon

Blackleaf Canyon is one of the entrances through the Rocky Mountain front. The mtns are steep faulted limestone slabs over riding the praire and running north - south for many miles.

We climbed "Volcano Reef" north of the canyon, which is neither volcanic, nor a reef. There are areas where the rock contains identifiable marine fossils which gave early farmers the idea that it was a reef, instead of the fault blocks.

This is the first range, so the view to the east overlooks the prarie, traditional home of the blackfeet & piegan. The west view looks up Mt Frazier and into the Sawtooths.

Old Man of the Hills 8,225'

The cliffs south of Blackleaf Canyon

Ancient gathered rocks, perhaps a very old vision quest site, looking east toward Mt. Frazier 8,315'.

Looking east over the praire from the site

Taking photos looking out over the praire


  1. Great to find you here. Love the photos and info. See you soon.

  2. Nice picture, bigot.